Aren't you healed by the capybaras at the cafe?

Capybaras up close,

In a cozy cafe,

A place to provide healing.

cafe capyba

capybara cafe in TOKYO

What you can do at cafe capyba

Watch capybaras relaxing in our cafe

The capybaras freely roam in our cafe.
Take your time to relax while observing their leisurely presence.

Feed treats to the capybaras

We offer treats for the capybaras inside the cafe. Why not try giving them a treat?

Enjoy coffee, lattes, and tea

We have introduced an espresso machine. Please enjoy drinks like lattes and tea with capybaras.

Our establishment is open to individuals aged 6 and above. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a guardian when visiting. For the safety of everyone and our capybaras, we kindly ask for your understanding.

・During our business hours, we will allocate time for the capybaras to use the restroom.

・For the well-being of our capybaras, there may be restrictions on the sale of capybara treats.



    • FIRST 30min.       ¥1,250
    • EXTENSION AFTER30min. ¥330/10min


  • PELLETS      ¥330
  • VEGETABLES    ¥330


    • AMERICANO    ¥660
    • CAFE LATTE    ¥715
    • BLACK TEA     ¥660
  • HOT
    • CAFE MOCHA   ¥770
  • ICED
    • APPLE JUICE    ¥550


※All amounts include tax.

※One drink order per person is required.

※We do not accept reservations. Please come directly to the cafe. Depending on the situation, there may be a wait of 1-4 hours from registration to entry. During the waiting time, you can go outside. If there are many waiting customers, the registration closing time may be earlier, and it may not be possible to enter on the same day, so we recommend early registration.

※We can accommodate up to 20 people, please understand.

In case of full occupancy or crowded conditions, we will provide updates on X(Twitter) as necessary.

Available Payment Methods

Cash  Credit Cards (VISA / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / UnionPay / Diners Club / Discover) Apple Pay iD QUICPay
Transportation IC Cards (PiTaPa is not accepted) PayPay